Make your buildings digital to save energy, create new services, and measure environmental impact.



  • Multiple protocols and technology support  (Lora, Zigbee, WiFi, Modbus, and many others)
  • Simple setup and device onboarding
  • Secure data storage



  • End-user mobile app with dashboards and control possibilities of particular locations
  • Operator portal with dashboards, analyses, and control possibilities for all the services in locations connected
  • Build-in reporting capabilities, including ESG reporting

Take Action


  • Inform end users about inefficiencies and the environmental and financial impact of their actions
  • Incentivize them to take actions (gamification)
  • Control and schedule all the connected devices manually or automatically based on the AI models



  • Reduce the heating and electricity costs, improve efficiency, and reduce CO² emissions by at least 20%

  • Offer new energy services to your customers

  • Equip existing assets with digital capabilities as OEM