Nexo - Energy under control

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Energy Efficiency Package for buildings

Large amounts of energy are constantly being wasted leading to high costs and CO2 emissions.  Public buildings and offices tend to be overheated or over-cooled as people using the buildings are not aware that they can save energy and help the environment or there is no simple way in the company to manage energy consumption in multiple distant locations and branches.Here Nexo comes into play

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Reduce the cost of heating/cooling/electricity in offices/shops/branches/educational institutions.

Reduce CO2 emission and maximize utilization of local renewable energy sources and energy storage if available.

Nexo Energy Efficiency package allows to:

Visualize, monitor, report in real-time energy consumption from connected devices, temperatures, heating/cooling costs for tenants (accessing their locations) and operator (seeing all the connected locations)

Control and schedule remotely thermostats, plugs and ACs in all the locations (operator) or particular locations according to permissions (tenant)

Gamify tenants of the building by showing them co2 emissions, costs and giving out bonus points for energy challenges


Nexo brings around 20% savings on heating of residential buildings and around 25% for commercial spaces (where scheduling can be done more effectively)




For utilities

Dynamic tariffs, & Grid balancing & demand side-response


Digitization of assets 

Today the value of physical building assets can be multiplicated by offering them as fully connected device, with software enabled-or disabled features, This allows asset manufacturers for example remotely take care of the asset, offer auxiliary services or monitor warranty conditions.

Nexo can be a white-label enabler of such asset digitization.

Example connected heat storage


Manufacturer of residential heat storage systems needed a solution consisting of:

Mobile application for end users of the single storage system

Control room and monitoring center for all the connected storages to be able to conduct maintenance, monitor performance and dopredictive maintenance of the connected fleet

Run data science algorithms calculating optimal effective usage of the storage by the end users and communicating them to the user applications


White-label Nexo installation has been deployed with standard  Android/Ios apps, control room and custom data science algorithms 


Time-to-market of 3 months for launching end-end solution