Success Stories


Heat as a service


Nexo is responsible for ensuring thermal comfort in buildings and offering “heat as a service”, i.e. billing based on actual room temperature. For this purpose, the platform combines data from the thermal substations and heat meters, thermostatic heads with reference temperature sensors in flats, weather forecasts, heat demand, and preferences of building users.

Optimising heating costs in municipal buildings

City of Krakow

The City of Krakow uses Nexo to optimise heating costs in kindergartens by dynamically scheduling room temperatures, taking into account class schedules, weather conditions, and the thermal inertia of the buildings. Nexo’s algorithms reduce heat consumption by reducing overheating of rooms when they are not in use. As part of the implementation, Nexo combines thermostat heads, temperature sensors, and information from the heat meter. The platform allows the operator to optimise, from one panel, all connected buildings.

Dynamic electricity tariff

Stadtwerke Leipzig

Stadtwerke Leipzig uses Nexo to offer a dynamic electricity tariff. Customers have the opportunity to correlate their electrical sockets, air conditioners and other appliances in their flats with specific photovoltaic installations in the city. In return for matching the consumption of the connected appliances to the currently available green energy, they receive bonus points that reduce their electricity bill.

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