Rule engine

Make your smart devices work together with Nexo

Nexo is a powerful platform that combines smart devices from different manufacturers, allowing you to control them all from a single app. But it’s more than just a controller – Nexo also includes a built-in rules engine that lets you automate your home or office to save energy and time.

By integrating different protocols like Zigbee and Lora, Nexo allows devices to work together seamlessly, turning your home or office into a truly smart environment. For example, the built-in rules engine can trigger a thermostatic head to adjust its settings based on readings from other sensors, such as a weather station or a motion detector.

Reduce energy costs, increase comfort

One of the key benefits of the Nexo platform is the ability to create custom schedules based on your unique needs. With the rules engine, you can set precise temperature controls for every hour of the day, every day of the week. This not only provides optimal thermal comfort, but also helps reduce energy costs and the time required for manual adjustments.

In larger buildings such as offices and public spaces, the energy savings from Nexo can be significant, as the platform can monitor and control multiple devices across multiple rooms. For example, if a window is opened and the thermostat hasn’t been adjusted, Nexo can automatically adjust the settings to prevent energy wastage.



Save time with automation

The built-in rules engine in Nexo allows you to automate many tasks that would otherwise require manual intervention. Whether adjusting temperature settings, turning on lights, or opening and closing blinds, Nexo makes it easy to create custom rules that fit your needs.

Overall, the Nexo platform provides a powerful way to bring together your smart devices and make them work together as a cohesive smart ecosystem. By automating routine tasks and taking advantage of data from multiple sensors, you can save energy, reduce costs, and increase comfort – all with the convenience of a single app.

Managing multiple premises?

No problem. Nexo supports building schedules for many different locations.

You can prepare a common schedule for multiple devices in one place.

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