Engage with your customers with smart energy solutions

nexo connects your utility infrastructure with your customers to offer flexible energy services

nexo energy is a platform for connecting all IoT devices in buildings and houses and distributed energy sources to your grid infrastructure.

nexo is an operating system of the houses and buildings upon which you can deploy new business models and services such as dynamic energy tariffs, solar communities, among others.

nexo allows you leveraging blockchain, gamification and smart IoT technology to create new business models

about nexo energy

Dynamic green energy tariff

Energy community

Home energy management

Demand response management

Benefits for your company
Loyal customers and Green Energy Promotion.

Reduce churn rate

Strengthen customer relationships by offering personalized services and allow them to participate in the energy transition.

Promote energy exchange

Facilitate real-time energy transactions based on blockchain and smart contracts.

Understand customers

Get a better understanding about the energy usage of your customers for energy forecasting purposes.

Build loyalty

Engage with customers with gamified activities for peak load management (i.e when energy consumption exceeds the generation).

Scale the solution

nexo cloud architecture facilitates frictionless scaling. Moreover, the nexo bridge allows fast and easy plug and play setup.

Tailor to your needs

Do you have a specific  IoT or a smart energy project? Contact us. From idea to launch, we accompany you through all the phases of product development.

Key Platform Features For Utilities

Obtain valuable insights about the energy flows (generation and consumption) of your customers.

Review the status of the nexo nodes of your customers. Verify the level of engagement of your users when deploying new services.

nexo platform enables easy deployment, quick implementation, and cost-effective operations of smart energy solutions.

Benefits for your customers Cheaper Energy when the sun shines or wind blows.


Smart home control and automation

Control all the smart home devices regardless of the manufacturer via the App.

Drive energy savings

Save energy and money by scheduling your equipment usage. Consume at the most efficient times, reducing the energy bill.


Participate in loyalty program

Participate in loyalty and rebate programs created by your energy provider.

Take advantage of green energy

Increase the share of regionally generated green Energy with your Customer choices.

Key Platform Features For Customers

Manage all the IoT and smart home devices with one single user friendly mobile application.

  • Schedule the equipment usage at the most efficient times
  • Interconnect all the smart home appliances to drive energy savings (i.e reduce the thermostat, set point when opening the blinds).

What is your home consumption? at what tariff? Get a snapshot of the energy consumption of your devices and manage them more efficiently.

Assign your devices to different services provided by your utility and obtain bonus points when engaging with the services. Change the loyalty points “ethers” for cash or donate them to your favorite charity.

Dynamic tariff
How does it work?

Provide your customers with dynamic energy tariffs based on real-time data.

Allow consumers to take control of their energy usage. They can adapt their consumption based on the percentage of locally generated renewable energy.

You can adapt energy flexibility to your grid operations.

Dynamic tariff

Dynamic tariff
How does it work?

01. Utility Level

Renewable energy generated locally

Nexo bridge

02. Connected Home

Electric Vehicle

Smart Plugs

Electric Boiler

01. Utility Level

Based on our Index, inform the customer the amount of regional green energy available per zip codes.

02. Connected Home

Create rules to consume energy based on the availability of local green energy.

Receive reward points (ethers) based on the amount of green energy consumed.

Exchange the bonus points accumulated for benefits.

Solar community
How does it work?

Offer your customers the possibility to obtain virtual shares of solar panels and bring together consumers and prosumers so that they can participate in the energy transition.  Leverage the community to increase the exchange of locally generated energy.

  • Democratize access to solar power. Allow your customers to receive savings from solar energy without having to install panels on their own rooftops.
  • Track the production of the electricity from PV system. Use the consumption of the subscribers for billing purposes.
  • Allow your customers to visualize the energy flows (consumption and generation) of all devices as well as exchange energy within the community thanks to nexo’s node and services.

Technology: Blockchain
Use blockchain technology to assign PV shares to each user and promote the exchange of energy between members of the community. Each share of the solar system is assigned to only one Customer.

  • Solar Community
  • Solar Farms » Members buy a share of the projects, often in the form of a solar panel.
  • Participants » Members receive credits for that electricity which lowers their monthly bills.
  • Utilities Companies » Renewable energy is distributed to the grid.

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