Build a Smart Home and save energy with the Nexo

Grzegorz Michalski

Do you dream of a smart home but need to know how to create a ‘control center’ to help you manage all your devices? This article is for you.

Smart Home – multiple devices and what’s next?

When we enter the world of smart solutions, we generally need to plan how our adventure will unfold. Out of curiosity, we buy the first device, install it in the flat and start using it. If we like it, we buy more devices and expand our smart Home.

We will probably approach our next purchases more consciously. We will ask friends what solutions they are using and do some research in shops and on the Internet. Our Smart Home is developing, and we are excited about new “gadgets” that make our daily activities easier: smart sockets, thermostatic heads, sensors, and many others.

When choosing our next devices, we usually don’t think about who the manufacturer is, what matters is the functionality delivered and the quality of the workmanship. However, this approach means we have to operate several different applications. In addition, the situation is greatly complicated because the individual devices are not ‘independent’ in their operation but dependent on each other – and let’s remember that they come from different manufacturers. For example, we have a window-opening sensor and would like to automatically close the thermostatic heads mounted on the radiators in the room where the window has been opened. This is very important now because of the prevailing energy crisis.

The Nexo app – your management center

Are we helpless, then? No! With the Nexo app, we don’t have to worry about devices from different manufacturers not communicating with each other. Nexo takes care of this, and we are not interested in how it is done. Our task is only to create the scenario for this communication.

Nexo provides a consistent interface for individual devices, regardless of their manufacturers, so it becomes our control center. We can access an electrical socket, a light switch, or a thermostatic head in one place. Moreover, we can access devices in different flats in one place.

The coherent, unified interface that Nexo provides us with thus gives us savings, and in various areas – we not only save energy and reduce expenses, but we also save time, which is a very precious resource for most of us.

In previous articles, I have mentioned the creation of schedules for heat management. Nexo also allows you to create personalised rules, allowing you, for example, to switch smart devices on or off at a specific time. And what kind of rules can be created? That already depends on what devices we equip our smart Home with.

We hope our articles have helped you get started on your Smart Home adventure. More articles are coming soon! And if you have any questions and want to learn more about Nexo right now, feel free to contact us!