With Nexo winter on the plus side

Jacek Szostakiewicz

“Spring, spring, ah, it’s you…”. This year the warmer spring days came later than expected. Interspersed with cooler ones in April and still now in May, it is becoming increasingly clear that winter is in retreat, and any day now, we can turn off the calorifiers in our homes for a few months.   

This is an excellent time to take stock of our second season of operation and the first entire heating season with Nexo. We installed the system in many locations to ensure users’ thermal comfort and support more efficient use of heat energy.   

Installing Nexo? It pays off!   

The eagerly awaited data on heat consumption and costs flowed to us. We cross-referenced these with weather models, and our heating specialists, using their secret knowledge, carried out the first analyses. They concluded that installations of the Nexo system resulted in savings in heat consumption of between 12 and 34.5 percent compared to consumption in periods before we installed Nexo.   

We were surprised by these results, as we had expected (as in the previous season when we commissioned the first Nexo installations) savings of around 20%, with slight fluctuations. And in the meantime, this season has come out with considerable discrepancies, even in buildings with the same activity.    

What are the reasons for the differences?   

A lot depends on the behaviour and habits of the people who use the system. If the user was keen to reduce heating costs, then they optimised the temperature settings, which gave the most significant benefit. When the user felt that it was enough just to install the system, and at the same time, it was possible to overheat rooms, unseal windows or manually set the heads to the maximum to increase the temperature, the saving effects were less quickly.   

The most important thing, however, is that even in the ‘worst’ case, a considerable saving of around 12% was achieved. On the other hand, savings of more than 30% are a tremendous success for conscious system users.   

Nexo is bringing tangible benefits and is an effective tool to combat rising heating prices. The government gives users a shield; we provide a weapon to fight rising prices actively, and using it will allow a lot of savings. And let’s remember the additional benefits – for the environment and the climate. The more efficiently we manage our heat, the less pollution we produce and the lower our CO2 emissions.  

We will conduct more detailed analyses in the coming weeks and present them in the following posts. We invite you to follow our blog.     

If you would like to reduce your heat charges next season thanks to Nexo, please get in touch now.