Heat management

Installation of proven components: thermostatic heads, temperature sensors, and communication gateway.

An Internet connection to the gateway is required.

Easy implementation, proven solution, ability to optimize configuration, adjust the schedule to changing needs, and ensure thermal comfort at specific times and rooms.

The remote control allows you to lower the temperature when no one is on the premises or increase the temperature before returning.

The system estimates savings when lowering the temperature by 1 degree.

Such control gives the possibility to achieve savings of about 20%.

Single-family home

Heat management, electricity optimization, PV, heat pump, heat storage, robotic lawnmower, car charger, smart outlets, thermal comfort, cold control.

Efficient use of produced electricity from PV.

Manual control of equipment operation or automatic control.

Creating optimization rules to reduce heat and electricity expenses.

School/kindergartens/nurseries /public buildings

Ability to manage heat from a single location, e.g., by an employee of the municipality.

Setting schedules for specific building allocations. Local privileges for directors or technical administrators of establishments.

The ability for users to adjust local temperature settings in specific rooms.

Central supervision, monitoring of temperature settings, analyzing the possibility of improving the optimization of operation, such as not overheating by manual settings.

Office rooms

An excellent example of saving on utilities is primarily keeping heat.

Office rooms are occupied at certain times and days, depending on the nature of the business.

After working hours, they stand empty, and the temperature setting schedule can provide thermal comfort.

Since the pandemic, many office workers have worked remotely, making daily decisions on whether a room will be occupied or empty.

Indoor heating can be adjusted by one person or the users of their rooms, depending on the authority granted.

Hotels/Guesthouses /Local for rent

An ideal example of a good use of the system is to control the thermal comfort of individual rooms depending on whether somebody will book them.

Temperature control authorization can be temporarily granted to rented rooms.


Monitoring of production processes.

The number of devices and parameters depends on the specific process.